Eurofish is a truly global operation from procurement to distribution we cover all the oceans and deliver to the four corners of the world. Our fish is enjoyed by many different consumers from Russia, to Europe, West Africa, USA and Asia. We have a wide range of various fish that we source from our trawlers, mainly from the Atlantic Ocean:


  • Delicious Cod and Haddock from the North Atlantic, is a household dish in England, Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal and USA,

  • Redfish, sourced from the deepest mid Atlantic, is a delicacy in Japan and Russia.
  • Blue Whiting from the Atlantic is popular for our Chinese, Russian and Nigerian clients.


We also have significant operations from Mauritania, Morocco and Senegal where catch pelagic fish, such as Mackerel, Sardine and Sardinella, which is a major source of protein and part of the daily stable diet for millions of people along West African. There is also strong demand for these processed products in Russia and Brazil.




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