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A great ship asks deep waters. Eurofish Trading AG was established in 2008, with its headquarters located in Switzerland. It is a young and dynamic company, our team has more than 20 years of experience in the global fishing industry.


The company has evolved to become a highly integrated, production, sales, marketing and distribution operation.
It has a joint venture trading operation in Ghana with Ocean Fare Ltd. In 2011 the company built a new cold store with a capacity of 5000 mt in the port Tema. This facility allows us to have fresh-frozen fish available in the cold store all the year round.

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We focus on customer quality and satisfaction in all aspects of our business, from sustainable sourcing, to first class quality control in the production process, to the efficient supply of the final fish products to the global market.


Our management and marketing strategy has allowed us to build a leading and successful company, which today sells annually more than 100 000 metric tons of fish all over the world. Eurofish Trading AG supplies more than 90% of its small pelagic fish to the West African countries. In order to simplify delivery of our production to the African markets, we invested in the cold store project in Africa, which now allows us to store fish for long periods of time, in perfect condition and at a temperature of - 25°С.






We deal with the leading Russian fishing companies that are the most reliable suppliers of the high quality sea frozen fish. Eurofish works in partnership with our friends and suppliers, as well as our customers, to ensure the primary producers understand and meet the high standards expected in the global market today.




All the trawlers are provided with modern technological equipment, which allows them to freeze fish in the shortest possible time at sea. Older vessels have been modernized to achieve the same high standards of the quality as the new modern trawlers. All the trawlers have EU and Chinese approval numbers which allows us to deliver the fish to European countries and China.




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